Building Stronger Connections Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating content that does not directly promote your products. It focuses more on providing values and creating connections with your audience.

If content marketing is done in a right way, it will surely build trust with your customers and will result to an increase of sales.

In order to be more appealing to the audience, one must be able to craft of good message or content. By so doing, the audience will possibly become more engaged in knowing about your brand.

In content marketing, maintain relationships. Just like any other relationships that you have with your family, friends, and others, your relationships with your audience is also very important. For instance, since you are involved in content marketing, it is necessary that you build strong relationship with other writers that will help you promote your brand.

Lastly, it it also important that you spend enough time in building your content. Once you start ignoring your content, audience will definitely do the same thing. all the efforts that you given to establish will go into nothing just because you did not invest enough time to manage it properly.


Benefits of Engaging in Social Media Marketing

Almost all organizations today have already engaged in using social media for marketing their products. This is due to the fact that most people today have accounts in different social networking sites and therefore, most potential customers can be found online.

Social marketing is said to be the next big thing so one must take advantage of the possible uses of it which can help your business grow.

According to the article written by Jason Demers on the Forbes website (, the use of social media marketing has a lot of benefits to offer.

First is the increased brand recognition. Social media make it easier for you to find potential customers. The use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, one can be able to gain a wide range of new customers.

Next is higher brand authority. By having social media accounts, one can easily interact with the customers by addressing their concerns online. Whenever the customers have something to say about your products, your company name will also be mentioned. With that, more people will see your brand name. Assuming that they get curious about your brand each time they see it online, they will be somehow be forced to follow updates about your brand. When this happens, more customers will treat you as an authority when it comes to the specific products that your brand is holding.

Another benefit is the increased inbound traffic. Everytime you add another social media profile is an advantage of gaining more audience. This will allow you to have more opportunities of having new account visitor. Also, the more traffic that is generated, the more leads and conversions are made.

Another benefit and is considered to be one of the most important is improved customer insights. The use of social media allows you to further know or gain insights about your customers– how they behave and what are their interests via social listening. Through the comments they write on your posts, you can now determine what appeals and concerns them most. Through that, you can easily provide and offer what they mostly need.

How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

Nowadays, people are fond of uploading videos online. They make either a funny or informative content to be able to appeal to the emotions of the viewers. Creating a video may sound easy. But making it viral is not. Therefore, if one wishes his or her video to go viral online, one must observe some guidelines on how to come up with a good quality video.

According to the article written by Ilya Pozin on Forbes website (, there six qualities that will help you make your video go viral.

First is be short. One should keep in mind that content of the video is very important to the viewers. It is the one that determines how long would a viewer stay watching your video. Normally, your video should catch the attention of the viewers in the first 10 seconds of the video. If your video failed to do this, there is a high possibility that they will no longer finish watching your video.

Next is be upbeat. Studies conducted show that people are more likely to watch and/or videos that evoke strong emotions. The theme and content of the video must strike the emotional aspect of the viewers so taht the video can go viral.

Another one is be timely. In order to ensure the virality of your video, it is also necessary that the content must be related to the current happenings in the world. For instance, one can post a parody of a popular movie, current television series, and popular songs. This ensures you that most, if not all of the viewers can connect with the content of the video.

One should also be involved when he or she wants to make a viral video. Engaging with your audience and viewers will be a helpful act in increasing the virality of your video. Adding the engagement factor on your video will surely boost the number of audience that would view and/or share our video.

Another one is be informative. People are fond of searching new information online. Therefore, it would be helpful if your video content is informative. For instance, on facebook, most users are fond of sharing information about something that not everybody knows about. In this way, they feel that they gain new knowledge and they were able to spread by sharing them on their accounts.

Lastly, your video should be inspiring. One can easily catch the attention of the viewers if the video content appeals to the emotion. The sense of being inspired makes the viewers want to watch and possibly share the video which will be a big factor in video’s virality.


Aside from being physically attractive, products in order to be more appealing to the customers must tell something that would encourage the people to buy them especially if one is targeting potential customers to add to the bunch f current customers that he or she has. In order to do this, business people must attract potential customers by letting them focus on the story of the product rather than the product itself.

By using storytelling in marketing products, one is not directly selling the product but still, they are able to get the attention of the customers because of the story that was presented together with the products. Usually, storytelling is done through the use of a video where the viewers can see how the products work. Storytelling helps marketers to have a better way of promoting products. Sticking to traditional way of marketing hinders them to full grasp the taste of the customers nowadays. So to be able to address that, they engaged in a new strategy that would help them build a stronger connection between the products and customers. In storytelling, the company shows rather than tells. Normally, products are marketed by stating its characteristics and usefulness. In storytelling, they show how the products work. By doing this, they are able to grab the attention of the viewers which will cause the viewers to relate to the products.

Storytelling is usually done through the use of multimedia. Meaning to say, in order for you to reach a wide range of audience, you have to make sure that your story is available in different media. One should keep in mind that people use different media. Some love to read, some love to listen or  both. Therefore, your story must be available in different media that is now often used by people.

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The Power of Words: The DOH’s ‘Gaga Girl, Bobo Boy’ Video

In communicating with other people especially with the masses, one should consider the content of the message which will be delivered. Most importantly, one should be very careful in using terms that would be appropriate for all individuals and will not intentionally offend the feelings of the other people.

Last November 30, a video regarding teenage pregnancy was posted on the facebook page of the Department of Health (DOH). This 3-minute video features a cheering squad singing a song with lyrics about the intercourse activity of teenagers. The aim of DOH of releasing this video is to raise awareness especially to those teenagers that are engaging in sex without being careful would result into something that is shameful. That without proper knowledge about the consequences of engaging in sex, the lives of teenagers will be ruined.

However, instead of being informative, it turned out to be an offensive video, especially to the teenage boys and teenage girls due to the use of improper terms. The the song includes lyrics such as gaga (crazy) and bobo (dumb). Because of this, several netizens  bashed the video.



The video earned a lot of negative comments. Having seen the video, I really find it very offensive because even though one thinks that engaging to sex in early age is something that is not proper, it does not give anyone the right to use such words to refer to those who have been pregnant and became a mother and a father at an early age. If we want to address some issues, we should also consider the proper approach in presenting it. Being in the you authority does not mean that you can say anything that you want even if it may sound very offensive to others. If we want to educate, we should do it in a manner that is acceptable to everyone.

In the end of the video, it says there that “Ang planadong buhay ay maayos na buhay”. Yes, I agree with this line. But this line was not even reflected on the video. There is nothing in the video that is connected to this slogan. With this, I think that the next time the department would release such videos, they should make sure that the content would not be offensive and that it should observe proper ways of addressing issues faced by the people in the country because a well-delivered message results to a better understanding of things.

Humanizing the Brand

In any business, one of the important things that business people must keep in mind that in order to be successful in handling a business is by making a good connection between the products and the current and potential customers. It is through this act that an appeal to the emotion of the customers is done.

In order to further understand the mindset of the customers when deciding to purchase a product, business heads must be able to realize that he or she, the employees working for him or her, and his or her current and potential customers have one thing in common– they are all humans. Therefore, it is  just right to assume that before one establishes his or her business, one must first know how he or she can be can get the interests of the people to have a sneak peak of his or her products.

According to the article written by Meghan m. Biro in the website of Forbes (, there are five steps on humanizing the brand. The first one is having a plan. In this step, one should examine first the culture of his or her company, analyzing how humanization of the brand will be done. It is also important in this part to ensure that one has the right kind of employees that can do the job once it has been implemented as one of the strategies of the company. The company must have a group of employees that is dedicated in touching the “soft” side of the customers that is done through the appeal to the emotions. After planning how the strategy is to be done, it should now be put into action.

The second step is knowing thyself. In order to humanize brands successfully, a company must have a culture that enables the customers to know the company better. by knowing your company’s personality, you will be able to know how will you express the brand identity to your customers.

The third one is creating brand ambassadors. This is about creating a message that will suit the taste of the customers. To be able to drive the customers attention to your brand, you have to establish a guiding principle of your company which can relate to that of the customers.

The fourth one is your netiquette. This is about the proper way of communicating to the  customers through the use of internet. Since social marketing is often used nowadays, companies usually promote their humanized brand in the social networking sites where several users are engaged right now. In order to communicate well with the customers, one should always think about the satisfaction that the customers will feel upon seeing their brands.


The fifth one is hiring for humanization. Hiring the right people to get get the job one is very much important in ensuring the quality of humanizing the product. A head of a company should properly select the people who are passionate enough to dedicate themselves in creating a brand that will surely touch the inner emotions of the customers to be able to successfully establish the human touch in the products.

Commonly Misused Words by Pinoys: A Viral Video

As one of our class requirements in one of our major subjects, we were tasked to create a viral video per group. For this activity, our group decided to create a video about the commonly misused words by Filipinos.

So what are the REASONS in creating this kind of video?

First, is because of the prevalence of grammatical errors. Filipinos usually commit honest mistakes of not using the correct words or terms.


When using or speaking the English language, most Filipinos would refer to the Tagalog language which is the most commonly used language in the Philippines. With this, a lot of Filipinos often mix the English and Tagalog language or Taglish. With the mix of two languages, most of us commit the error using the wrong terms when writing or speaking the English language.



The second reason is that most of our population, especially those Social Networking Sites (SNS) are fond of sharing something informative on their accounts. So in creating this kind of video, we also considered its possible appeal to the viewers.

The third reason is that it is easy to comprehend and remember. Since most of the Filipino viewers can relate to this video, they can easily remember its content and would possibly make the video as a reference for future use.




Also, we made it clear that the purpose of creating this video is not to insult or to offend the viewers but to educate them.


In order to successfully promote out video to the audience, we also considered the following elements:

P latform

E ngagement


For the platform, we use the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter where we shared the video that we have uploaded on the youtube.

To establish engagement with the viewers, our group decided to to encourage the viewers to participate in sharing words and terms that are commonly misused by Pinoys by letting them comment on the video.


We also consider the time of sharing the videos online. For instance, in sharing it on twitter, our group used the followerwonk to determine the peak of the time wherein the twitter followers are mostly online. We did this in order that audience can be able to see it once they go online and be able to share it to their friends as well.


So after five days after we have uploaded the video, we checked it for its ANALYTICS.

Our video earned a total of 135 unique views (301+ for the total views), 12 likes, 11 shares and 3 comments on youtube. On facebook on the other hand, our video earned a total of 20 shares. We also earned comments and feedback from the viewers of the video.



By using infographics, photos and images in this video, we were able to create an appealing video for the audience to view. The combination of texts and images makes a balance so that the viewers will not get too much of both elements, just right, just enough.