The Power of Words: The DOH’s ‘Gaga Girl, Bobo Boy’ Video

In communicating with other people especially with the masses, one should consider the content of the message which will be delivered. Most importantly, one should be very careful in using terms that would be appropriate for all individuals and will not intentionally offend the feelings of the other people.

Last November 30, a video regarding teenage pregnancy was posted on the facebook page of the Department of Health (DOH). This 3-minute video features a cheering squad singing a song with lyrics about the intercourse activity of teenagers. The aim of DOH of releasing this video is to raise awareness especially to those teenagers that are engaging in sex without being careful would result into something that is shameful. That without proper knowledge about the consequences of engaging in sex, the lives of teenagers will be ruined.

However, instead of being informative, it turned out to be an offensive video, especially to the teenage boys and teenage girls due to the use of improper terms. The the song includes lyrics such as gaga (crazy) and bobo (dumb). Because of this, several netizens  bashed the video.



The video earned a lot of negative comments. Having seen the video, I really find it very offensive because even though one thinks that engaging to sex in early age is something that is not proper, it does not give anyone the right to use such words to refer to those who have been pregnant and became a mother and a father at an early age. If we want to address some issues, we should also consider the proper approach in presenting it. Being in the you authority does not mean that you can say anything that you want even if it may sound very offensive to others. If we want to educate, we should do it in a manner that is acceptable to everyone.

In the end of the video, it says there that “Ang planadong buhay ay maayos na buhay”. Yes, I agree with this line. But this line was not even reflected on the video. There is nothing in the video that is connected to this slogan. With this, I think that the next time the department would release such videos, they should make sure that the content would not be offensive and that it should observe proper ways of addressing issues faced by the people in the country because a well-delivered message results to a better understanding of things.


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