Aside from being physically attractive, products in order to be more appealing to the customers must tell something that would encourage the people to buy them especially if one is targeting potential customers to add to the bunch f current customers that he or she has. In order to do this, business people must attract potential customers by letting them focus on the story of the product rather than the product itself.

By using storytelling in marketing products, one is not directly selling the product but still, they are able to get the attention of the customers because of the story that was presented together with the products. Usually, storytelling is done through the use of a video where the viewers can see how the products work. Storytelling helps marketers to have a better way of promoting products. Sticking to traditional way of marketing hinders them to full grasp the taste of the customers nowadays. So to be able to address that, they engaged in a new strategy that would help them build a stronger connection between the products and customers. In storytelling, the company shows rather than tells. Normally, products are marketed by stating its characteristics and usefulness. In storytelling, they show how the products work. By doing this, they are able to grab the attention of the viewers which will cause the viewers to relate to the products.

Storytelling is usually done through the use of multimedia. Meaning to say, in order for you to reach a wide range of audience, you have to make sure that your story is available in different media. One should keep in mind that people use different media. Some love to read, some love to listen or  both. Therefore, your story must be available in different media that is now often used by people.

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