Humanizing the Brand

In any business, one of the important things that business people must keep in mind that in order to be successful in handling a business is by making a good connection between the products and the current and potential customers. It is through this act that an appeal to the emotion of the customers is done.

In order to further understand the mindset of the customers when deciding to purchase a product, business heads must be able to realize that he or she, the employees working for him or her, and his or her current and potential customers have one thing in common– they are all humans. Therefore, it is  just right to assume that before one establishes his or her business, one must first know how he or she can be can get the interests of the people to have a sneak peak of his or her products.

According to the article written by Meghan m. Biro in the website of Forbes (, there are five steps on humanizing the brand. The first one is having a plan. In this step, one should examine first the culture of his or her company, analyzing how humanization of the brand will be done. It is also important in this part to ensure that one has the right kind of employees that can do the job once it has been implemented as one of the strategies of the company. The company must have a group of employees that is dedicated in touching the “soft” side of the customers that is done through the appeal to the emotions. After planning how the strategy is to be done, it should now be put into action.

The second step is knowing thyself. In order to humanize brands successfully, a company must have a culture that enables the customers to know the company better. by knowing your company’s personality, you will be able to know how will you express the brand identity to your customers.

The third one is creating brand ambassadors. This is about creating a message that will suit the taste of the customers. To be able to drive the customers attention to your brand, you have to establish a guiding principle of your company which can relate to that of the customers.

The fourth one is your netiquette. This is about the proper way of communicating to the  customers through the use of internet. Since social marketing is often used nowadays, companies usually promote their humanized brand in the social networking sites where several users are engaged right now. In order to communicate well with the customers, one should always think about the satisfaction that the customers will feel upon seeing their brands.


The fifth one is hiring for humanization. Hiring the right people to get get the job one is very much important in ensuring the quality of humanizing the product. A head of a company should properly select the people who are passionate enough to dedicate themselves in creating a brand that will surely touch the inner emotions of the customers to be able to successfully establish the human touch in the products.


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