How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

Nowadays, people are fond of uploading videos online. They make either a funny or informative content to be able to appeal to the emotions of the viewers. Creating a video may sound easy. But making it viral is not. Therefore, if one wishes his or her video to go viral online, one must observe some guidelines on how to come up with a good quality video.

According to the article written by Ilya Pozin on Forbes website (, there six qualities that will help you make your video go viral.

First is be short. One should keep in mind that content of the video is very important to the viewers. It is the one that determines how long would a viewer stay watching your video. Normally, your video should catch the attention of the viewers in the first 10 seconds of the video. If your video failed to do this, there is a high possibility that they will no longer finish watching your video.

Next is be upbeat. Studies conducted show that people are more likely to watch and/or videos that evoke strong emotions. The theme and content of the video must strike the emotional aspect of the viewers so taht the video can go viral.

Another one is be timely. In order to ensure the virality of your video, it is also necessary that the content must be related to the current happenings in the world. For instance, one can post a parody of a popular movie, current television series, and popular songs. This ensures you that most, if not all of the viewers can connect with the content of the video.

One should also be involved when he or she wants to make a viral video. Engaging with your audience and viewers will be a helpful act in increasing the virality of your video. Adding the engagement factor on your video will surely boost the number of audience that would view and/or share our video.

Another one is be informative. People are fond of searching new information online. Therefore, it would be helpful if your video content is informative. For instance, on facebook, most users are fond of sharing information about something that not everybody knows about. In this way, they feel that they gain new knowledge and they were able to spread by sharing them on their accounts.

Lastly, your video should be inspiring. One can easily catch the attention of the viewers if the video content appeals to the emotion. The sense of being inspired makes the viewers want to watch and possibly share the video which will be a big factor in video’s virality.


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