Benefits of Engaging in Social Media Marketing

Almost all organizations today have already engaged in using social media for marketing their products. This is due to the fact that most people today have accounts in different social networking sites and therefore, most potential customers can be found online.

Social marketing is said to be the next big thing so one must take advantage of the possible uses of it which can help your business grow.

According to the article written by Jason Demers on the Forbes website (, the use of social media marketing has a lot of benefits to offer.

First is the increased brand recognition. Social media make it easier for you to find potential customers. The use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, one can be able to gain a wide range of new customers.

Next is higher brand authority. By having social media accounts, one can easily interact with the customers by addressing their concerns online. Whenever the customers have something to say about your products, your company name will also be mentioned. With that, more people will see your brand name. Assuming that they get curious about your brand each time they see it online, they will be somehow be forced to follow updates about your brand. When this happens, more customers will treat you as an authority when it comes to the specific products that your brand is holding.

Another benefit is the increased inbound traffic. Everytime you add another social media profile is an advantage of gaining more audience. This will allow you to have more opportunities of having new account visitor. Also, the more traffic that is generated, the more leads and conversions are made.

Another benefit and is considered to be one of the most important is improved customer insights. The use of social media allows you to further know or gain insights about your customers– how they behave and what are their interests via social listening. Through the comments they write on your posts, you can now determine what appeals and concerns them most. Through that, you can easily provide and offer what they mostly need.


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