Commonly Misused Words by Pinoys: A Viral Video

As one of our class requirements in one of our major subjects, we were tasked to create a viral video per group. For this activity, our group decided to create a video about the commonly misused words by Filipinos.

So what are the REASONS in creating this kind of video?

First, is because of the prevalence of grammatical errors. Filipinos usually commit honest mistakes of not using the correct words or terms.


When using or speaking the English language, most Filipinos would refer to the Tagalog language which is the most commonly used language in the Philippines. With this, a lot of Filipinos often mix the English and Tagalog language or Taglish. With the mix of two languages, most of us commit the error using the wrong terms when writing or speaking the English language.



The second reason is that most of our population, especially those Social Networking Sites (SNS) are fond of sharing something informative on their accounts. So in creating this kind of video, we also considered its possible appeal to the viewers.

The third reason is that it is easy to comprehend and remember. Since most of the Filipino viewers can relate to this video, they can easily remember its content and would possibly make the video as a reference for future use.




Also, we made it clear that the purpose of creating this video is not to insult or to offend the viewers but to educate them.


In order to successfully promote out video to the audience, we also considered the following elements:

P latform

E ngagement


For the platform, we use the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter where we shared the video that we have uploaded on the youtube.

To establish engagement with the viewers, our group decided to to encourage the viewers to participate in sharing words and terms that are commonly misused by Pinoys by letting them comment on the video.


We also consider the time of sharing the videos online. For instance, in sharing it on twitter, our group used the followerwonk to determine the peak of the time wherein the twitter followers are mostly online. We did this in order that audience can be able to see it once they go online and be able to share it to their friends as well.


So after five days after we have uploaded the video, we checked it for its ANALYTICS.

Our video earned a total of 135 unique views (301+ for the total views), 12 likes, 11 shares and 3 comments on youtube. On facebook on the other hand, our video earned a total of 20 shares. We also earned comments and feedback from the viewers of the video.



By using infographics, photos and images in this video, we were able to create an appealing video for the audience to view. The combination of texts and images makes a balance so that the viewers will not get too much of both elements, just right, just enough.


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