The Evolution of Blogging

Today, blogs are not only use for sharing day-to-day activities of people but also for promoting brands, products, and services of companies. The evolution of blog contents from personal to business-related topics allowed the users to reach a wide range of people to be able to share something not just about their personal lives but also to market products and services that are needed by most people nowadays.

Using blogs in businesses allows companies to communicate easier and faster to their stakeholders– customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Blog gives a package of benefits to its business people users. Through the use of a blog, you can easily drive traffic to your website. Every time audience click the  link to your website, it helps in making your website visible to other audiences online. Also, every time you write a blog post, you are also creating something that your viewers can share on social networking sites. With this, your level of visibility may increase because your current audience are sharing it to others especially those who are not familiar with your brand. Offering free services will also allow your brand to attract more potential customers.

Blogging has two forms: microblogging and vlogging

One form of blogging is microblog. Microblog allows its users to create just brief updates, usually composed of 140 characters or less. Posts can be viewed either by everyone, or the user can just choose those people who can view his or her posts.

One of the platforms used in microblogging is Twitter.

Most people nowadays use twitter because through the use of this service, conversation is made easy. One just have to sign up and he or she can now use it. It is very user-friendly. Also, because of new technologies, users can now use twitter even if they are away from their computers and laptops. If one has a smartphone he or she can access Twitter wherever he or she goes as long as their is signal and internet connection or wi-fi. Also, there is no format in using the service so the users can easily use and explore it.

Another form of blogging is vlog.

Vlog, short for video blog is another form of blogging that contains video(s). Users can directly upload videos promoting their brands to their websites and they can also upload them on you tube so that they can be able to share them to more people especially to those who do not know their brands yet.

So how can one manage to use these two forms of blogging for his or her advantage, especially when dealing with businesses?

Users should consider that using blogs to have a wider range of potential customers is not enough. They should not focus more on the numbers, rather, they should give more attention to the content of their blogs.

Because to begin with, the very purpose of a blog is to communicate. If one would neglect the content, then the customers will have nothing to look forward for. Another thing is that, users should consistently post updates in their microblog or vlog sites. Because once they stop posting something new, most of their viewers may think that they are no longer into business and with that, they will slowly lose the very reason they made different ways of marketing their brands– to target specific group of potential customers.


Consistency is the key to be ale to continuously create an advantage using these.


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