Marketing: From Traditional to Digital

With the advent of technology, most businesses have already shifted from traditional to digital ways of promoting their products. To gain more customers is one of the top reasons business people are constantly adapting to the changes that are occurring. It is because if you know what is ‘in’ to the people in the present, then you will know how to reach and communicate with them.

Before, marketers would introduce their products to the market by simply using posters and putting advertisements on radio and in television. They resort in using these because these are the ones available during the early years. But with the introduction of new technologies such as computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and dslr, together with the internet, most people got hooked intro using these gadgets. As a result, most marketers came up with the idea of also using these technologies as a way of introducing their products to a wide range of potential customers.

With all of gadgets available today, traditional media are slowly loosing its spotlight. Primarily because with the introduction of new technologies, most businesses come to realize that the media they are using before seems to be limiting especially in communicating with the people. In the manner of communicating, traditional media provides a one-way communication. This means that when business people already have their posters and advertisements for their products, all they have to do is to simply post them or air them on the radio or television and that’s it. It will already stop there. But when you are to deal with digital media, the communication does not stop after you have posted or aired publication materials for your products. In digital media, there is what we call two-way communication. In this two-way communication, the marketers are not the only ones who have a say to what they are promoting but also the potential customers and those who are already consuming their products. By using these devices, they can easily get the reactions and responses of  the people who were able to view their product advertisements which can be helpful in determining whether their strategies are effective or not.

When one wants to deal with digital marketing, one must bear in mind that you do not shift to digital just because you want to be classified as one of those who are digital. Using a digital approach in marketing must incorporate an enhanced way of presenting products to the people and at the same time, consistently communicating with them.

One of the important elements of a marketing strategy is its brand story. Brand story tells the people what your product is all about– how it came to be. Coming up with a great brand story is very important in marketing because it is what emotionally connections your product to the people. How can one create a great brand story? In order for a product to create an emotional attachment to the people, business people must write a brand story based on honesty and transparency. When you allow people to know and explore more about your product, the more they will be interested about it. However, in order for them to continue patronizing your products, you should provide them with some feeling of curiosity. One should not give away all information about a product at just one round. It should be one at a time so that the people would have something to await for– leaving them wanting to know and experience more the product.

So how can one be able to be successful in engaging  in digital marketing?

First, a person engaged in a business must know how to listen and learn. Taking into consideration other people’s ideas, especially your co-workers or partners, especially consumers, will help you determine which factors will contribute in generating better package of a product and which will not. In this way, it does not only benefit a single person but the organization as a whole. Second is that as a person working for a business, one should not forget that he or she is also human. Meaning, as a human, one should know that humans’ needs changes as the world continues to evolve. So when one is to market a product, one has to make sure that it will fill the needs of the people in the present time. Third is one should be proactive when dealing with digital marketing. Again, one should not settle for something that is less. In order to understand the needs of the customers and potential customers, one must know how to interact with them and respond to the queries that they have regarding the products. Lastly, one should keep its marketing about a product simple. Simple in such a way that people may be attracted to it not just  by how it looks but also because of the delivery of the message– the manner of how it communicates to the people.


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