The Evolution of Blogging

Today, blogs are not only use for sharing day-to-day activities of people but also for promoting brands, products, and services of companies. The evolution of blog contents from personal to business-related topics allowed the users to reach a wide range of people to be able to share something not just about their personal lives but also to market products and services that are needed by most people nowadays.

Using blogs in businesses allows companies to communicate easier and faster to their stakeholders– customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Blog gives a package of benefits to its business people users. Through the use of a blog, you can easily drive traffic to your website. Every time audience click the  link to your website, it helps in making your website visible to other audiences online. Also, every time you write a blog post, you are also creating something that your viewers can share on social networking sites. With this, your level of visibility may increase because your current audience are sharing it to others especially those who are not familiar with your brand. Offering free services will also allow your brand to attract more potential customers.

Blogging has two forms: microblogging and vlogging

One form of blogging is microblog. Microblog allows its users to create just brief updates, usually composed of 140 characters or less. Posts can be viewed either by everyone, or the user can just choose those people who can view his or her posts.

One of the platforms used in microblogging is Twitter.

Most people nowadays use twitter because through the use of this service, conversation is made easy. One just have to sign up and he or she can now use it. It is very user-friendly. Also, because of new technologies, users can now use twitter even if they are away from their computers and laptops. If one has a smartphone he or she can access Twitter wherever he or she goes as long as their is signal and internet connection or wi-fi. Also, there is no format in using the service so the users can easily use and explore it.

Another form of blogging is vlog.

Vlog, short for video blog is another form of blogging that contains video(s). Users can directly upload videos promoting their brands to their websites and they can also upload them on you tube so that they can be able to share them to more people especially to those who do not know their brands yet.

So how can one manage to use these two forms of blogging for his or her advantage, especially when dealing with businesses?

Users should consider that using blogs to have a wider range of potential customers is not enough. They should not focus more on the numbers, rather, they should give more attention to the content of their blogs.

Because to begin with, the very purpose of a blog is to communicate. If one would neglect the content, then the customers will have nothing to look forward for. Another thing is that, users should consistently post updates in their microblog or vlog sites. Because once they stop posting something new, most of their viewers may think that they are no longer into business and with that, they will slowly lose the very reason they made different ways of marketing their brands– to target specific group of potential customers.


Consistency is the key to be ale to continuously create an advantage using these.


Marketing: From Traditional to Digital

With the advent of technology, most businesses have already shifted from traditional to digital ways of promoting their products. To gain more customers is one of the top reasons business people are constantly adapting to the changes that are occurring. It is because if you know what is ‘in’ to the people in the present, then you will know how to reach and communicate with them.

Before, marketers would introduce their products to the market by simply using posters and putting advertisements on radio and in television. They resort in using these because these are the ones available during the early years. But with the introduction of new technologies such as computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and dslr, together with the internet, most people got hooked intro using these gadgets. As a result, most marketers came up with the idea of also using these technologies as a way of introducing their products to a wide range of potential customers.

With all of gadgets available today, traditional media are slowly loosing its spotlight. Primarily because with the introduction of new technologies, most businesses come to realize that the media they are using before seems to be limiting especially in communicating with the people. In the manner of communicating, traditional media provides a one-way communication. This means that when business people already have their posters and advertisements for their products, all they have to do is to simply post them or air them on the radio or television and that’s it. It will already stop there. But when you are to deal with digital media, the communication does not stop after you have posted or aired publication materials for your products. In digital media, there is what we call two-way communication. In this two-way communication, the marketers are not the only ones who have a say to what they are promoting but also the potential customers and those who are already consuming their products. By using these devices, they can easily get the reactions and responses of  the people who were able to view their product advertisements which can be helpful in determining whether their strategies are effective or not.

When one wants to deal with digital marketing, one must bear in mind that you do not shift to digital just because you want to be classified as one of those who are digital. Using a digital approach in marketing must incorporate an enhanced way of presenting products to the people and at the same time, consistently communicating with them.

One of the important elements of a marketing strategy is its brand story. Brand story tells the people what your product is all about– how it came to be. Coming up with a great brand story is very important in marketing because it is what emotionally connections your product to the people. How can one create a great brand story? In order for a product to create an emotional attachment to the people, business people must write a brand story based on honesty and transparency. When you allow people to know and explore more about your product, the more they will be interested about it. However, in order for them to continue patronizing your products, you should provide them with some feeling of curiosity. One should not give away all information about a product at just one round. It should be one at a time so that the people would have something to await for– leaving them wanting to know and experience more the product.

So how can one be able to be successful in engaging  in digital marketing?

First, a person engaged in a business must know how to listen and learn. Taking into consideration other people’s ideas, especially your co-workers or partners, especially consumers, will help you determine which factors will contribute in generating better package of a product and which will not. In this way, it does not only benefit a single person but the organization as a whole. Second is that as a person working for a business, one should not forget that he or she is also human. Meaning, as a human, one should know that humans’ needs changes as the world continues to evolve. So when one is to market a product, one has to make sure that it will fill the needs of the people in the present time. Third is one should be proactive when dealing with digital marketing. Again, one should not settle for something that is less. In order to understand the needs of the customers and potential customers, one must know how to interact with them and respond to the queries that they have regarding the products. Lastly, one should keep its marketing about a product simple. Simple in such a way that people may be attracted to it not just  by how it looks but also because of the delivery of the message– the manner of how it communicates to the people.

Blogging as a New Marketing Tool

Before, blogging is just a way of merely sharing ideas and opinions about anything that a person gets interested with. But nowadays, most people, especially business people, are engaging in blogging in order to promote their products.

The new technologies that are available today are used by most businesses in order to promote their products to potential customers. With this kind of strategy, people are being offered with several options in terms of products and services. For instance, many people today are fond of creating online shops where they advertise their products. These online businesses are not just limited to three, four, or five but many. As a result, most potential customers sometimes get confused of which one to choose. So in order for them to have a better way of choosing which ones to avail, some business people came up with the idea of creating blogs to represent their products that come in different kinds. Through this, they can be able to address  the queries of the potential buyers or customers regarding their products and services better.

” In fact in some ways you can say that blogging is the new marketing”, this was stated in the article written by Patrick in the article entitled How Blogging affected Business and Marketing and why it’s essential. This statement suggests that through blogging, one can also create awareness the same way as what marketing does. With the use of blog, one can pull together people who are interested in the business he or she has established, thus forming a group of people with common interest who will keep an eye in the latest updates you are to post in your blog.

With the use of blog for marketing, building the concept of branding for companies and small businesses is made a lot easier. Branding is the process of creating an image of the product in the minds of the people through the use of advertisements and commercials. The goal of this process is to attract more consumers as well as to retain those who are continuously prioritizing their products.

Since the very purpose of creating a blog is to be able to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions, blogging would really be helpful to those people who are currently engaged in businesses especially in knowing what the customers are looking for in a certain kind of product. With the kind of environment that marketing has today, simple posting of colorful and stylized images of the products is not that effective to attract customers. Being able to respond to their needs is what matters most in the present time. When one decides to create a blog as a tool for marketing products, he or she does not only allow people to get to know about what he or she is selling but also, through the suggestions, and opinions of the readers of the blog, the seller may be able to know what appeals most to customers and what does not. The comments on the blog may serve as guide in improving what needs to be enhanced with the product. Also, the seller may post videos of those who already bought his or her products that will serve as testimonials which can used in supporting the words of the seller in his or her blog. By doing this, potential customers will not only see photos of the product, read the colorful words of the seller about the products, but also hear what other people have to say about the products. The combination of these three in a blog will surely be of great help in boosting the image of the products and booming the business.