Communicating through Social Media Channels

Communication plays a vital role in every organization. Through this activity, people are able to build relationships which impact the way organizations function for development and survival. As the world of organizations continues to change, the value of communication also changes—it increases.

With the introduction of new technologies, individuals in an organization have come to develop different ways on how to effectively communicate with each other. Before, employees would normally engage in a conversation through face-to-face communication. But with the launching of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and the like, most employees tend to converse with their co-employees, clients, and customers through the use of these media. Also, most of the organizations today are using these media for their internal and external communication.

With regards to the use of these media, I think most people now are becoming more engaged in dealing with other people most especially organizations dealing with their clients and customers. In an article that I have read which is entitled How OPEN Cycle communicates relentless simplicity to customers, which was posted by David Meerman Scott in, I have learned and I was really amazed on how the company OPEN Cycle was able to build a great bonding with their customers through the use of social network. OPEN Cycle is a company which sells mountain bikes and different parts and accessories related to this kind of bicycle. Although the company is new in the business, they managed to get several customers by simply being open to them. Through the use of social media networks, the company shares everything they do with their customers. Evidently, most organizations today are focused in using social media for marketing and advertising their products. However, most of the time, they neglect the very purpose of these things which is to communicate. As said in the article, most of these organizations are stuck in using these tools for monitoring purposes only. What makes the OPEN Cycle company different from them is that, they do not just monitor it by simply looking on social media sites such as Twitter if people are talking about it; they do put their words into actions in order to provide good services to their customers.

Changes in the ways of communication does not only apply to big organizations. Even small businesses are are now using different approaches on how to boost the popularity of their products and how to reach a number of potential customers.

One of the most popular applications today is the Instagram- an application which is used to share photos and videos with friends, families, and relatives. Many people are now using this and even I, myself, have also downloaded this application but I rarely use it so I am not that familiar on how and what one can do more with this application. So when I was looking for articles about communication strategies and technologies, I came across this article in regarding the use of instagram to promote products. After reading the article, I learned that by simply using hashtags, one can create or put together his or her ideas for his or her business. For instance, if one is selling clothes online, by using hashtags, he or she can now specify the kind of clothes he or she is selling which makes it easier for the customers to find when they search for it. Another thing is that through the use of filters available in the application, one can easily enhance the appearance of the products he or she is about to sell. Also, in order to highlight products online, one can say that the products are on discounted prices or limited only. But like any other social media, one of its major role is to help those who are in business to communicate with customers even from afar. In fact, there are several businesses today that are managed online and they can get more customers than the ones who are doing it in the traditional way.

These new technologies have a great impact in communication in which people may have different responses. Some may say that one loses personal touch when conversing through the use of social media. But I think differently. The way I see it, social media actually improves the way people communicate with each other. It should be viewed as a challenge to the modern world of businesses. That despite of theses rapid changes that occur in the nature of communication, they can and will still able to maintain or even increase the importance of communication.

Technologies do not necessarily ruin the quality of communication.The quality of communication still depends on the way people use these things.